Hello friends! Welcome to my twisted POST IDOR labs! These are idor labs with some of the sweetest cheese but you will have to work hard for it!

Engage with our POST IDOR labs and enhance your ethical hacking skills. Try creating, viewing, and deleting posts. Remember, not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Hint 1: Investigate how the application identifies and deletes posts. Is there something you can manipulate?

Hint 2: Look at the delete functionality. How does it determine which post to delete? What happens if you change the post index?

Hint 3: Explore the boundaries of session-based authentication. How are user roles and permissions handled?

Hint 4: Think about what data you can see and access as a logged-in user. Can you access or modify data that you shouldn't be able to?

Hint 5: Experiment with different user inputs. Can you find a way to delete a post that wasn't created by you?

Video walkthrough: