Explanation of Vulnerable Page


The PHP code you have provided is a vulnerable web page that can be used for educational or testing purposes to demonstrate various web security vulnerabilities. The page itself has several functions and features, such as:

  1. Session Handling: The page starts by starting a session and setting the default configuration settings for the session.
  2. CSRF Protection: The page handles Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks by generating a CSRF token and comparing it with the token submitted with the form. If the tokens do not match, it will display an error message.
  3. Emulated SQL Injection: The page also emulates SQL injection by allowing users to search for a user ID and displaying the user's information if it exists in the database.
  4. Emulated XSS Attacks: The page allows the user to enter a message that is then displayed on the page. This can be used to demonstrate Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks by injecting malicious code into the message.
  5. Dynamic Styling: The page allows the user to specify a custom CSS file, which can be used to demonstrate CSS injection attacks.
  6. Reset Button: The page has a "Reset Exploits" button that resets the session configuration settings, allowing the user to try different attack scenarios.

Overall, this page is designed to be intentionally vulnerable to various web security attacks so that users can learn about these vulnerabilities and how to prevent them. It's important to note that this page should only be used for educational or testing purposes and should not be deployed in a production environment.

Vulnerable Page

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